Writing challenge: Haiku 5… and more

Writing challenge: Haiku 5… and more

This should be my last contribution to the

Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!

I have to admit, it was fun! A wonderful diversion, forcing me to think differently, try to formulate thoughts into small chunks.


Work trivia


Gleeful laughter while
ball is bouncing off the walls
Work can be postponed.


Men always complain
that women jabber too much
as if they would not.


Colorful brochures
Dreaming of far-away lands
makes me feel wistful.

Writing challenge: Haiku 1 and 2

Writing challenge: Haiku 1 and 2

Today I’ve come across a writing challenge at

 Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo! 

and I’ve thought to myself: ‚Why not give it a try? Might be fun playing with words.’ So, the next few posts are going to be published in English and won’t have anything to do with my usual real-estate-blabbering.


Opening my eyes
seems so against my nature
that I just give up.


Snow covered pavements
a little robot on this
trudge to confinement.